Ever thought about becoming a firefighter? Middletown Fire Company is always looking for new people to join us in the Brotherhood of Fire. .Questions regarding the application process? Stop by the station on Tuesday nights after 7PM and or Call the Fire Station.

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Middletown Fire Company History

Middletown Fire Company No. 1 provides fire protection, fire prevention and emergency medical services to Middletown Township, located in Delaware County, Pa. along with our sister company, Rocky Run Fire Company.

With 50+ active members and 6 pieces of fire apparatus, the fire company serves the township’s 13.5 square miles and 20,000 residents. US Highway 1, a major thoroughfare, runs through the township. Middletown Fire Company is a Participating Department in the Certification Program through the Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner’s Office. As the designated township rescue company, Middletown Fire Company, in 2013, was the first fire company in Delaware County to earn the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s Voluntary Rescue Service Recognition, which recognizes strict levels of certification, proficiency and emergency response.

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The First Fire Equipment

Bought Hose Cart

The First Fire House

Bought New Apparatus

Ten Red Buckets. According to older residents, it all began with an informal gathering of residents. Their meeting place was the woodpile at the home of William Borton, the village’s founder.

Less than a dozen residents decided the area should to have it’s own firefighting unit. Out of this decision came the Bortondale Fire Company, later to become the Middletown Fire Company.

The residents accumulated enough cash to purchase a two-wheel reel holding 500 feet of hose. It was pulled by hand.

Mr. Borton had a small firehouse built to house the cart on Howarth Avenue.

The apparatus had no pump. Water pressure was supplied by the few fire hydrants in the town. Only one stream of water could be played on a fire at a time, since the equipment included just one nozzle.

After about two years of using the hose cart, The Middletown Firemen bought their first motorized apparatus in 1922. (No picture available at this time). It was a Ford Fire Engine with a 350 gallon per minute (GPM) pump.

Soon afterwards, the residents began work on a firehouse at Bortondale Road and Oak Avenue (Levis Avenue). The volunteers did almost all the construction themselves, working day after day in three teams. The job was finished in 1925.

In 1926, The Middletown Fire Company replaced its engine with a Reo Pumper (shown below). This carried a 350 GPM pump. This truck served the community until 1942.

MIddletown Fire Company No.1’s Fire Prevention Coordinators are Virginia Gaeta and Township Fire Marshal Al Mancill. Please call 610-566-0723 and ask to speak to a company officer.

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